Local business owners really need to take this simple test to see if your business website is easily found by customers in local searches. Your results may make you rethink your whole local marketing plan" /> Local SEO Test Local Business Google Places Listing

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Connecting Local Business With Local Customers

Local business owners really need to take this simple test to see if your business website is easily found by customers in local searches. Your results may make you rethink your whole local marketing plan !

Want to find out how your business is viewed by your customers online? Then take this simple test.

First, I want you to think about your business...But, I want you to think of it from your customers perspective.
Think of what search terms your customers might use to find a business like yours online without doing an actual business URL search...
*example: if your a Chiropractor in Maricopa, enter the search terms "Maricopa Chiropractor", "Best Maricopa Chiropractor" or "Chiropractor 85138" (or what ever your zip code is...) If I was in need of a Chiropractor & I lived in the Maricopa area, these are geo-targeted search terms I would use to locate one... .
Go online, open up Google, in the search bar of your browser....enter the search term you chose....
Click here to open a new window and to go to Google to see what your potential customers are seeing when they type in your Business category and your location (e.g. Chandler Hair Salon, Casa Grande Dentist or Tucson Carpet Cleaner).

1. There should be a Google+ Local 7-box Map that appears with local businesses. I say '"Should" because, not all search terms generate a Google+ 7-box Map, sometimes it's a 3-box, 1-box or no maps at all.
Is your business listed in that 7-box? NO? You need to do some work then...I'll explain exactly what work later on...

2. The listings just below the map are called "organic" search results. Do you see your business website listed on page 1 for organic searches? (should be approximately 10 search results per page...) Don't see it? Try page 2...or page 3...Still nothing? OK, again....you need to do some work. If your in a smaller business market like Maricopa, Queen Creek or Casa Grande and your business isn't on page 1 for your geo-targeted targeted keywords, that's even a bigger concern. You need to take notice and take action A.S.A.P..

FACT: Over 90% of people begin their search online for local business, products or services like yours.
FACT: Over 95% of searchers DO NOT go past page 1 of a local organic search.
FACT: Over 97% never go past the first Google Places Map listings
FACT: 72% of people use the Internet exclusively for local searches...not the yellow pages.
FACT: 82% research local products or service online first before going to your store to purchase.
FACT: Geo-targeted Local SEO is MUCH more cost effective than those over priced, untrackable yellow page ads or local direct mailers.

Alarming stats? Sure are!! Especially that 2nd & 3rd one. You can go through the time & expense of having a website built for your business but if your not on page 1 of a local search for keywords pertaining to your business or service, well...Your screwed. That's a lot of potential customers NOT coming through your doors. That's a lot of money being left on the table. If your business website is back on page 2 to ??? it stands a very good chance of not being seen.

Let's take #1. If your business is NOT showing in that coveted 7-box, there are steps that you can take that will almost assure your business is listed.

There are many businesses that are already in Google Places (Google Local Business Center) & have a "Basic" listing. They most likely are buried deep in the "more results" section. Why? Because they did not owner verify or optimize their listing. Be honest now...when was the last time you clicked on the "more results" link?.........just what I thought.

By owner verified I mean, Google will list local businesses but do so with a simple, non-descript listing. To properly optimize this listing you must first claim your listing and verify your business information. This gives you the opportunity to optimize keywords, categories and business description so it will attract local searchers and better your chances to place in that highly sought after 7-box.

Local SEO (Local Search Engine Optimization) is the most important & most mis-understood part of owning a business website. Make sure proper, targeted keywords are embedded with-in your listings. Expand your categories, widening your search possibilities. Add images, video's, coupons to maximize your listing.

This is something your business needs to get in on....before your competition does.

Ok, Now for #2. Knowing now that over 95% of searchers do not go past page 1 of a local organic search and that not every search term or keyword will generate a 7-box map listing, you can see why it is so important to place well in organic search results.

You need to take your business website, analyze it thoroughly for proper page titles, pages descriptions, meta-tag keyword formation, font tags, alt tags, on-page content, in-bound & outbound links. Local SEO is an ever changing medium. What worked for search engines last year most likely will not work this year. You need to constantly re-educate yourself regularly to stay current on what the search engines like & no long favor.

Don't have the time or the knowledge to take this on by yourself.....have an on-going, monthly Local SEO program from an experienced Local SEO expert like ArizonaMarketer. This assures that your business website has the means to stay on-top, ahead of your competition.

This works no matter your location, no matter your business. Local SEO is an essential part of owning a local business website.

Potential customers search locally online for businesses like yours. They expect to find your business there. They expect your business to have a website. Since most of these local searches are done via mobile devices like an IPad or Cell Phone, your business website also needs to be "mobile ready".....is it?

Think about it, if by taking this simple test....you can't find your business online.....how will your customer?

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Connecting Local Business With Local Customers.....
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