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Almost every local business owner I've talked to recently has been repeatedly bombarded with spam emails & phone calls from out-of-town / out-of-country so-called SEO firms with guarantee's of Top Rankings on page 1 of Google....

These local business owners ask.....Who do I believe?
What makes your SEO business so different from them?
They promise 1st place in Google searches....Can you make that promise?
They tell me they can do it cheaper than you can?

First off, Some clarifications are in order. Many of these so-called SEO businesses that call or email are from out of the country, most likely India, Indonesia or the Philippines. Some are legit, most are scams. Let me explain...

Many make claims of cheap rates. This is to get you interested, thinking your going to get a deal. Then they hit you with the payment terms. Most want full payment up front...some will take half. Once payment is made, they disapear & your left with that sour feeling in your belly, knowing you just got taken. They are from out of the country and you have no recourse to recover your money. Deals that sound to good to be true usually are not.

Even the legit ones....overseas SEO companies that actually do perform search engine optimiztion, but make promises of quaranteed top placement. Let me say this....NO ONE CAN MAKE THAT CLAIM! Unless you are Google themselves. There is no honest way to promise a top placement in any search engine results. Google owns the search algorithms. Google changes it's search algorithms quite often. Any SEO firm that makes those outragious claims are just trying to lure you in. There are laws against that isn't there? Walmart can't bait and switch like that....but wait, these so-called SEO businesses are out of the country...who is going to catch them?

  • Some say they have a "special relationship" with Google...
  • Some use "blackhat" methods that may show short term results but will eventually get your website banned from Google entirely.
  • Some promise to get you on the 1st page but do so with with pay-per-click (Google Adwords), which costs you more money in the long run.

On top of all that, your business is local, relying on geo-targeted customers. Why are you allowing an out-of-town, out-of-country company, one who has absolutely no clue of the local business climate, your local targeted customer base or your closest competitors to perform such an important task???

Oh....and don't get me started on those 3rd party website providers like WIX,, VistaPrint, Intuit, Website Tonight, 1&1, YP and others. All kinds of promises but they always end up holding your site hostage. They offer "FREE" websites, but lock you in over priced website hosting and long term contracts...Free is never Free! They own your site...not you!! No way to optimize it properly for targeted local SEO because they limit or deny you access to the website backend, why? Because they can then charge you for every little change, update or edit....If you are a victim of 3rd party website providers, you seriously need to contact Arizona Marketer. We offer you "website independance".


Arizona Marketer is local. We live, shop, worship, entertain in the same local neiborhoods as your customer base. We understand local shopping trends & can better implement marketing methods to get your business out in front of your targeted market. Connecting local business with local customers is what we do best.

If you need us...we are minutes away. You have recourse if problems arise. The warnings I show you are real. You can see that daily in your email inbox and TV commercials. Maybe you have been scammed before and are hesitant to look into a website or local SEO, even though you know you need it.

Call us....Ask questions. Let us show you what we can do...No promises, just solid local marketing advise and real results. 480-478-4543, ask for Ken.

Arizona Marketer is local.....working with local Arizona business owners in the Phoenix, Chandler, Mesa, Gilbert, Scottsdale, Maricopa, Casa Grande, Tucson, Marana, NW Tucson, Oro Valley business comunities only.